Traditional Chinese Movement / Shaolin Wushu in Tecate, Mexico


  • Sat, Aug 15, 20153:30pm  Sat, Aug 22, 20154:30pm

Vamos a Mexico! Join David at Rancho La Puerta,  a world leader in wellness vacations since 1940.

Workshop Info:

Traditional Chinese Wushu are exercises that aim to strengthen the muscles and the tendons as well as increase “chi”,  vital energy inside the body. Some benefits of Shaolin Wushu are the promotion of speed, stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination of the body as well as ” mind -body harmony”, a pronounced feeling of well-being. This training will introduce Shaolin Basic Skills to the participant. The basic skills training consists of stretching, stances, kicks, hand movements, meditation and empty hand forms. - See more at: