• "A gaggle of groggy men, mostly middle-aged and in no great shape, very early in the morning may not inspire everyone, but to David this is just the raw material for a reliably energizing, fat-burning and strength-building workout. His low-key approachable style, combined with his obvious commitment to good form and personal fitness, bring out your best effort and you surprise yourself by keeping up and even going further. 45 minutes later you are drenched in sweat and your muscles hurt, but all that goes quickly away. Your clear head, upright posture and upbeat attitude stay with you all day long."

            Tom Hughes,  Union Club NYC

  • " I've trained with David Kaplan for a little over 9 months and in between that time I've noticed a steady increase of power, speed and flexibility.  His classes are fun to attend, and more importantly he takes the time to explain the meaning behind each movement.  What I like the most about learning from David is that he understands your limits but will challenge you in a way that keeps you wanting to improve.  I highly suggest his class to anyone looking to improve their endurance and strength"

             Zuiho Tanaguchi, Private NYC client

  • " David and I have been training for about 8 months and I'm very happy with the results. David knows how to get the best out of me and push me just to the right limit. After the training sessions I feel energized and focused. David is definitely a master of what he is doing and he has a good way of explaining why a certain exercise is important and what is going on in your body. David is always on time and I like that he sends me reminders before each session. I definitely recommend David as a trainer to anyone who's looking for a productive workout or to master martial arts technique."

             Olga Schecter,  Private NYC client

  •  "I would like to take this opportunity to recommend David Kaplan who is a dedicated trainer. David serves as an instructor of martial arts and body fitness at my apartment building in Battery Park. David's demanding workouts are balanced by a calming disposition; he is encouraging and inspirational. I would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone looking to better themselves physically and am pleased to say that he would be an asset to any body fitness program. He has exceeded my expectations for the value a personal trainer can bring. David has strong versatility, intelligence and discipline -- and he is a lot of fun too."

             Vincent Visceglia, Resident at The Verdesian Battery Park


  •  "I am a Chinese person who has followed Mr. Kaplan's martial arts training (Kung Fu / Tai Chi) for the last 12 years since meeting him at the Eastern Athletic Club in Brooklyn Heights.  As an older student I was enlightened by Mr.Kaplan's beautiful and skillful martial arts forms because David was able to teach me something I did not think I could do or should do due to my previous idea of Shaolin Kung Fu (which is usually martial arts for the young). David has the ability to teach the complexity of the martial arts with a simplicity and clarity of style during class training.  Daily practice of Kung Fu/ Tai Chi helps to keep me feeling refreshed and full of energy. The training has helped me build body strength and gain flexibility and concentration which feels great and helps to turn back the body's clock. By practicing I have found a source of calm and a sense of confidence and I have become passionately committed to the proud postures and the graceful movements of martial arts. During the more than 2 decades of working out throughout the New York area, I have found that the Kung Fu/ Tai Chi movements and choreography I learned from David Kaplan are beautiful and extremely aerobic, with benefits to my body, my mind, and my spirit. David Kaplan is a true instructor in every way. I am grateful and feel very blessed to have had the privilege of meeting him and his Training has helped me endure some difficult times. Whomever joins his training will be very fortunate."

            Theresa Lee, Member of Eastern Athletic Clubs and personal client


  • "Training with David Kaplan has become part of my daily routine. His experience and awareness of his student's needs make him an highly qualified martial arts teacher. David is both demanding and caring and his hard workouts are balanced by his spiritual presence and positive attitude. His professional knowledge of the martial arts together with an interest in Chinese history and language contribute to his vigorous and passionate teaching approach. Overall David can be a great mentor for those who are  really interested in improving and expanding both physical and mental boundaries."  

            Gaia Grossi, Personal Client


  • "When I started training with David I learned the very basic, deep stretches from the inner core of the hip joint then extended to legs, arms and neck. He then instructed me with a wide range of Kung Fu/ Tai Chi basic stances which helped me develop strength especially in my thighs. As a beginner these were enough exercises and it was very easy to break sweat after 10 minutes. After I became used to his basic training I learned Shaolin Kung Fu/ Tai Chi forms develop flexibility, speed, strength and memory." 

             Tadashi Moriyama, Personal Client


  • " A near death experience-every time!" 

              Greg Rice, Union Club, NYC